edu… – what?

educanis – spoken as you read it. educanis is put together from the Latin terms “educare” (lat.; to educate) and “canis” (lat.; dog). So, it obviously is all about dogtraining! The name’s the game. 😉

When working with dogs I don’t follow a certain model, but develop an individual training concept due to the dog’s needs. Dogs are individuals as we are. It is very important that humans do understand how dogs are learning.

When working together I’ll support you to become a harmonic team. In terms of dog purchase, education or problem solving I’ll stand by you.

You don’t even have to make demands of a driveway, because I can come to your place, too. Maybe you’re familiar with the problem “My dog’s fine while we are on the training court, but as soon as he’s at home, he is barking at the door and strains at the leash …”.
Therefore I’ll support you where it is necessary. Sometimes it is essential to get an image of the dog’s living situation. Getting a deep insight makes it easier to create a comprehensive training concept.

Enjoy browsing around the webpage.
I’m looking forward to get to know you! 🙂

Best regards,

Eva Menz